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Chelsea Paisley

I'm a fashion & pop culture writer.

I'm a Sydney-based writer and editor specialising in fashion, technology and pop culture. My work has been published everywhere from BuzzFeed to HIJACKED.

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Seven smart ways to use your money in your 20s

Being in your 20s comes with a newfound sense of economic independence...

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Crowdfund Me

You may know crowdfunding from your favourite indie artist's newest EP, the proposed Marina Abramović Institute or the Statue of Liberty...

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Seven things you can do right now to get your sh*t together

Feeling like a bit of a hot mess now that uni’s well and truly under way? Got ten minutes to spare? It’s a lot easier than you think...

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Bei Na Wei and the Chimera

In some ways, Bei Na Wei could herself be considered a chimera. The once electrical engineer, now fashion designer debuted her collection Chimera at MBFWA 2014...

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Hijack The Streets: My experience of giving up smoking

While smoking rates have declined, it’s still a huge cost to our health and economy. Each year around 15,000 Aussies...

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Hijack The Streets: Should straight people attend Mardi Gras?

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival is an annual celebration raising awareness and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual...

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Five signs it’s time to cut ties with toxic friends

You’ve probably heard of a “toxic friendship”. Instead of a mutually healthy relationship, toxic friendships cultivate an imbalance of power and support...

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Home for the Holidays

Our earliest memories of the festive seasons almost always include family - from a bleary-eyed traditional breakfast at home, to seeing relatives for the first time all year...

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Five things to do if you want to form a study group that actually works

Study groups are the unicorn of the student experience: mysterious and believed impossible by many.

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Five things to skip when you're in London

Planning a holiday overseas, you can find yourself lost trying to pick the genuine must-sees from the blatant rip-offs...

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Six Vines that don’t deserve to die

When Vine first launched in 2013, naysayers said a six-second video platform was pointless...

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London Before 10AM

There’s something tempting about a morning sleep-in. Luxuriously reclining in bed while the world stirs around you may be an attractive prospect, but lurking just outside your window...

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Essential societies to check out at O-Week | Campus | Hijacked

If this is your first year at uni, you’re probably preparing yourself for the whirlwind that is O-Week...

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Where to look for help during your studies

Uni is often described as the best time of your life - and it often is - but that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing.

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How to decorate your home on the cheap

Having your own living space is as much about independence and individuality as it is about being close to uni and work.